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We specialize in CNC machining of metals. Also offering other locksmithing services, performed professionally and on time. We have many years of practical experience in manufacturing finished metal products, devices and machines and services for metal industry.

We use state of the art computer controlled machines and conventional machining equipment.

We offer highest quality services, such as turning, milling and grinding of metals. Qualified staff and state of the art machines enable us to deliver large and demanding orders.


obróbka metaliCNC and conventional metal machining

Metal machining services:

  • CNC and conventional turning
  • milling
  • grinding
  • locksmithing services
  • welding.

We have state of the art stock of machine tools to enable processing the following materials:

  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • plastics
  • brass, bronze.

We also offer thermal treatment of parts (quenching and tempering), electroplating and lacquer coating of details.


obróbka metaliQuality management system

Quality management system

We have developed a cutting edge quality management system. We are certified with ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System.

We complete orders using own materials or materials supplied by customers. We also offer expert consulting, if necessary. We can help determine exact parameters and design of a finished metal element.

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